Laura - Creative Director

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After 7 years as head designer for Yaffe Photography, Laura joined forces with Diane to establish Couture Foto, as a leading photography and design company.

Laura has a natural artistic talent, which has been finely tuned at Liverpool University and she has 12 years in the photographic and digital art industry.

Often described as 'Imaging Artist' not a technician, Laura has a strong knowledge of editing software packages and can make objects or characters appear lifelike by manipulating light, colour, texture, shadow and transparency, creating two dimensional and three dimensional images.

Laura is fabulous at pitching designs and understanding clients' needs and has the ability to create complex designs, using her judgement and creativity.

Our clients not only love Laura's designs but also her ability to disguise 'imperfections', making them look  '10 years younger'!

She is a perfectionist in all that she does and has boundless energy and drive. Her degree in 3D design is evident in her work, but it is her creativity, which sets her apart from the rest.

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